Preparing for your urban adventure

Your journey through the Melbourne city centre begins on the steps of Parliament House on Spring Street. From here, you will be guided through multiple ways of being and diverse urban environments – there’s much more to Melbourne than streets and laneways!

Getting there
Parliament Train Station is located on the City Circle Loop, and so rail is the easiest way to access the starting point. 

Multiple tram routes also pass by this location: 86, 96, 35, 11, 12, 109.

Your device
Headphones are essential for this experience. Make sure you bring them with you!

Augmented Reality can be hard work for your phone, so bring it fully charged – or if you want to be really safe, carry a portable charger with you.

Everything else
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes. Allow between two to three hours to complete the experience, although it is staged across three parts so there is time for a coffee, snack or lunch along the way.

Please be responsible for your own safety.
While the 64 Ways experience requires headphones and screen use, please pay attention when crossing roads or moving through congested spaces. Sometimes on smaller roads, cars can drive up quickly behind you, so please stay aware. Please also be mindful of other people, and hazards that may arise as you move about the city.