Restart the World

Check out the Restart the World event here.

During Melbourne International Games Week we’re bringing together artists, placemakers, urban play researchers and game developers in an online webinar as they discuss how urban play can help us restart the world post-lockdown.

There is an expectation that a ‘new normal’ will emerge post-lockdown, perhaps post-pandemic, a way into recovery from the social, health and economic impacts of the pandemic. How can artists and designers contribute to the restart of society?

The impact of working from home and limits on movement during lockdown has meant that there are often more people on the streets, in parks and public spaces in local neighbourhoods. The boundary between home and neighbourhood has become more blurred, more permeable. Will this increase the hyperlocal will continue, does it improve community connection and social wellbeing?

This year has been many things. It’s been a lot. It has also been a moment to pause, for reflection, time to regroup and re-evaluate, well – everything. Images of empty streets and abandoned buildings have become commonplace – in what ways could we rethink and reimagine our cities after lockdown? Do we need cities at all?

Join the conversation at 1pm on Friday October 9 during MIGW2020.