We Are Together

The second 64 Ways of Being urban adventure traverses the flowerlands and modern ruins of Footscray, bringing together environmental and indigenous history, linguistic and cultural diversity, unique urban spaces and possible futures. We hope you enjoyed your urban adventure and take some time to explore the full program below to find out more about the music that helped shaped your journey.

Troy Innocent
Creative direction, visual design, urban art, game design and animation

one step at a time like this
Audio and sound design, audience experience creation, and text
Producers: Erin Milne, Bureau of Works and Richard Jordan Productions

Game development, mobile app and user experience design
General Manager: Patrick Toohey
Game Design Lead: Samuel Baird
Senior Mobile Developer: Jarrod Cope
Mobile Developer: Benjamin Naulls

Language research: Troy Innocent
Additional location research: N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Troy Innocent, Peter Haffenden, Khue Nguyen, Kerrie Poliness, Peter Somerville, David Sornig
Geogram language structure: Lauren Gawne and Troy Innocent
Particle hardware and programming: Michelle Woulahan

Verbatim indigenous voices drawn from interviews and conversations with N’arweet Carolyn Briggs and Uncle Larry Walsh
Verbatim local voices drawn from interviews and conversations with Maree Clarke, Samuel Gebreselassie, Benine M, Peter Haffenden, Allan Innocent, Robyn Innocent, Khue Nguyen, Uyen Nguyen, Kerrie Poliness, Gary Presland, Peter Somerville, David Sornig
Introduction: Rachael Thompson
Swahili language: Benine M.
Vietnamese language: Khue Nguyen and Uyen Nguyen
Other voices: Suzanne Kersten, Clair Korobacz, Julian Rickert (one step at a time like this)
Plus some found sound and verbatim voices

City of Maribyrnong
Melbourne’s Living Museum of the West and Kerrie and Peter
Peter Somerville and the Blackbird and Maribyrnong River cruises
Aaron Martin at Five Walls
Khue Nguyen
David Sornig
Clare Leporati
Peter Nguyen
Sista Zai
and All the local Footscray interviewees

Footscray Community Arts
Cultural Consultation
Uncle Larry Walsh

Boon Wurrung Foundation
Cultural Consultation
N’arweet Carolyn Briggs

Troy Innocent

Innocent is an urban play scholar and creator of 64 Ways of Being. He develops augmented reality games that blend physical objects with digital interfaces to reimagine everyday urban environments in playful ways. Working with the city as a material, his practice explores ways of being that reimagine, reconfigure and reconnect with the world.

one step at a time like this

one step at a time like this create participatory, locative and place-responsive works, locally, nationally and internationally. We do this by shaping and re-framing the world that the audience find themselves in. We re-frame that ‘world’ in a variety of ways: through audio soundtracks and headsets, mobile films and live encounters.


Millipede is a Melbourne-based app development company. Our work spans play-based learning, purposeful game development, and bespoke mobile solutions for diverse use cases and industry sectors. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and communities, and drive positive real world behaviours and outcomes.

PART 1: Future Loop

Tuku Pamoja (Swahili)

1. Nicholson Street

Song : Only Time Will Tell
Composed by Corin Ileto

Way of Being 11: We are together

Voice: Benine M.
Music: Troy Innocent

Thả Thính (Vietnamese)

2. Arcade between Nicholson and Albert Street

Song: No One Like You
Composed by Ajak Kwai
Performed by Chris Basile, Nicky Bomba and Ajak Kwai
Voice: Samuel Gebreselassie, Benine M.

3. Albert Street

Song: Java
Composed by Oka
Voice: Samuel Gebreselassie, Benine M.

4. Forges Lane

Song: Hidden Qi 隐气
Composed by Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 and Tim Shiel

Song: Solis
Composed by Corin Ileto

Voice: Peter Haffenden, Allan Innocent, Robyn Innocent, Peter Somerville
Text: verbatim interviews and excerpt from Rebecca Solnit: A Field Guide to Getting Lost

5. Barkly Street

Song : Music for April
Composed by Peter Knight
Performed by Way Out West
Voice: Kerrie Poliness, Peter Haffenden

Way of Being 12: To flirt by playfully fishing for compliments

Text: one step at a time like this and excerpt from Ocean Vuong: Threshold

Amatnon de koc cie (Dinka)

6. Droop / Dennis Street

Song: Postcard from Footscray
Composed by: Peter Knight
Performed by: Way Out West

7. Dennis Street Lane

Song: Blink ft Aphir
Composed by DENNI
Voice: N’arweet Carolyn Briggs

8. Byron Street

Song : Universe
Composed by Jess Locke, Jim Morris & Chris Rawsthorne

9. Saigon Welcome Arch

Song: Live improvisation on the single string and 16 string zithers (the đàn bầu and the đàn tranh)
Composed by Anh Dung Nguyen

Voice: Khue Nguyen and Uyen Nguyen
Research and text: Khue Nguyen

10. Leeds Street to Maddern Square

Song: My Nostalgia Solo Piano
Composed by Daniel Seifu
Produced by : Ah!Puch!Records!
Special thanks : Lochie Bradfield

Song : Only Time Will Tell
Composed by Corin Ileto

Voice: N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Allan Innocent, Robyn Innocent
Text: verbatim interviews and excerpt from David Sornig: Blue Lake

12. Maddern Square

Found pigeon sounds.

Way of Being 13: The place of connection.

Song: Overgrowth
Artist: Fia Fiell
Voice: Kerrie Poliness

Tit Toh (Hokkien)

Way of Being 14: Going out to play.

Music: Troy Innocent

Reer Badiye (Somali)

13. Paisley Street to Nicholson Street Mall

Song: Isotimes
James Henry – Nurra

14. Welcome Bowl – Wominjeka tarnuk-yooroom

Song: Rekindled Systems
Allara Briggs Pattison

Voice: Maree Clarke, N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Aunty Di Kerr

Way of Being 15: A nomadic way of being, searching for greener pastures.

Song: The Garden
Composed by Nina Buchanan

Voice: Kerrie Poliness

PART 2: River of Signs

Djilbruk (Woiwurrung / Boonwurrung)

15. Hill next to Footscray Community Arts

Song: Bathed in Her
Artist: Tilman Robinson

Voice: David Sornig, Gary Presland and N’arweet Carolyn Briggs

Way of Being 16: Respect for the Law of the Land.

Song: Blue Lake
Composed by: Marita Dyson & Stuart Flanagan (The Orbweavers)

Maribyrnong (Woiwurrung / Boonwurrung)

17. to the Arch of Reconciliation

Song: Bartholomew, Glowing
Artist: Tilman Robinson

18. Arch of Reconciliation

Voice: Uncle Larry Walsh
Found Ringtail Possum sounds

19. Along the Maribyrnong

Song: Taste of Metal
Composed by John McCaffrey

Song: Body of Water (What Is Love) 一线之间
Composed by Mindy Meng Wang 王萌 and Tim Shiel

Voice: Peter Somerville, N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Uncle Larry Walsh

Way of Being 17: I can hear the sound of a ringtail possum.

Song: Growing
Composed by Allison Walker

Song: Beneath So Much
Composed by Allison Walker

64 Ways of Being is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.